Balance Games summarizes a research on gravity, instability and architectural structure, held by architects Blanca Lleó, Javier Revillo, Fernando Pino and Juan Elvira, from 2011 to 2013 at the Technical Superior Architecture School of Polytechnics University of Madrid (ETSAM). The book includes student experimental projects and texts from the editors. Juan Elvira is also the author of one of the essays, entitled "Gravity Games".
Through original collages, the cover concept is based on fictional machines whose equilibrium is based in everyday objects. Gravity and other counter forces such as wind, pressure, rotation and oscillation build up precarious moments of stability.
Juegos de Equilibrio, Editorial Mairea Libros, 2013,
Cover design: Juan Elvira, Clara Murado, Authors and Editors: Blanca Lleó, Javier Revillo, Fernando Pino and Juan Elvira Interior design and layout: Mario Barrientos